How to Properly Maintain Your Pool Cleaners and Filters

Swimming pools are one of the best things that you can have at home to jump into on a bright sunny day to achieve your beat the heat goals. But along with a pool comes the task of keeping it clean and tidy. You need functional cleaners to keep your swimming pool clean from time to time. One of the requisites of keeping your cleaner in functional mode is to ensure its maintenance from time to time.

Pool cleaners are not the kind of equipment which you use all the time, so you are less likely to pay attention to its maintenance. Over time, this can render your cleaner dysfunctional. Taking care of the maintenance of your pool cleaner with the basin tackle would not be a big deal if you bear certain simple things in mind.

What you should do prior to cleaning your pool

Normally, dirt and debris collect in the skimmer baskets and inline filters when you clean your pool. So, make certain these parts of your pool cleaner are clean before you use it again. Also, clean the cleaner head. Apply soap with water to clean these parts of your cleaner. Alternatively, you can also use a garden hose.

You may need to do some scrubbing to remove the dirt from the surface of these parts. Doing so with your hand may not be feasible, so consider using a brush. Either a shoe brush or toothbrush are the ideal options in this regard.

What you should do after cleaning your pool

Once you are done with cleaning your pool, you need to follow the same process which you follow before cleaning it to clean your pool cleaner. You can get rid of the leave, debris and dirt in the inline filters, skimmer baskets and the filter bag of your cleaner. Use a garden hose to rinse them off properly. For best results, make sure you empty out the cleaner completely.

Next, drape the hose of the cleaner over a fence so it is completely dry. It is important to remember that the presence of moisture will aid the growth of microbes in it. Instead of leaving your cleaner sitting outside, consider storing it in a closet. This simple and effective step will prevent it from becoming a home to spiders and bugs.

Final thoughts

Regardless of whether you are using an automatic cleaner or a manual cleaner, it is important to ensure proper cleaning for both. By removing the dirt and debris from the filters and other parts of a cleaner, you will be able to keep your vacuum cleaner functional for a long time.

A pool cleaner is not merely an object, it is an investment. Without it, you would have a hard time getting into the water in your pool. So, ensure that you follow the aforementioned steps to keep your pool cleaner functional and prolong its usage. This is also the sure-fire way to keep your pool water clean with the vacuum cleaner ( and fit for use as well.